The Building

Heating and cooling of the building is made by VRF systems with air capacitors. The project uses three-pipe VRF systems because of the building’s orientation and the different needs of the rooms in separate facades in transitional seasons. Every system serves one office in the building. This type of system allows simultaneous heating and cooling in separate premises. In the transitional seasons the work of separate units in different regimes allows transfer of heating energy from cooling to heating bodies. This significantly increases the total СОР of system and results in power saving as well as free choice of regime for every internal unit.

All servers and technical premises have individual air-conditioning split systems with internal units intended for high wall installation. They are with invertor control and with cooling capacity to -20°C.

Ventilation installations are designed to ensure fresh air in offices and foyers. Additional treatment of fresh air is made by canal units installed in offices and they are part of the VRF installation for the respective office.